Choosing a Permanent Hair Removal Method That Suits You Best

Permanent Hair RemovalUndesirable facial and body hair can affect not only the way you look but also the way you feel. Luckily, there are a whole bunch of options to camouflage this troublesome issue. But what if you can sort out this problem once and for all? Thanks to permanent hair removal methods, you can lighten your burden for the rest of your life. So, if you’re curious to explore these methods, feel free to check out all the relevant information.

The 3 Main Types of Permanent Hair Removal

How to remove hairs permanently? This is the question we all want to answer. But let’s be honest: permanent hair removal isn’t really possible. Meanwhile, permanent hair reduction is something we can achieve by using things like IPL, laser, and electrolysis.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment aims to reduce hair growth by sending an electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near-ultraviolet light to hair roots. IPL method only affects the anagen level of hair growth. This is why a series of treatments is required to minimize the hair regrowth.

You can get a professional IPL procedure at a salon or do it yourself at home with a handheld IPL Hair Removal device. As the leading manufacturer of light-based technology, SkinMyDreams provides the technologically most advanced IPL hair removal mechanism that is trusted by the top hair removal providers worldwide. SkinMyDreams IPL handset is considered to be one of the most popular options available on the market. Its functionality is based on the production of broad-spectrum light that damages the keratinized portion of hair and slows down the development of hair follicles.

SkinMyDreams IPL device manages to remove excess hair in less time by covering large areas. The amount of sessions is related to your hair thickness and size of the covered area. Generally, the whole process brings visible results after 3-4 treatments, while the full effect can be expected within 8-10 treatments. No wonder that almost 5,000 women have already replaced painful and expensive hair removal procedures by a painless SkinMyDreams treatment.

While the whole IPL procedure is relatively painless, it still may cause some unpleasant feelings. Thus, more and more IPL devices get equipped with the cooling systems, which immediately create a numbing sensation throughout the light therapy. That way, you feel little to no pain.


The primary concept behind laser hair removal is close to the one behind IPL. However, laser treatment is based on a single wavelength damaging the hair follicles. The wavelength aims to maximize the heat absorption of the hair follicles during this beauty procedure to decrease the possibility of regrowth. What’s good is that you can go through a laser hair removal process at a salon or you can do it yourself without leaving the comfort of your home. Laser treatment is well-known as an effective hair reduction procedure for long-term perspectives. Its efficiency is closely associated with the type of laser used and the qualification of the laser professional.

While laser treatments are considered to be quite safe, people with light-colored skin and fair hair might not achieve the desired results. Meanwhile, people with dark-colored skin or dark-toned skin color will enjoy the results after a few procedures. Remember that there is always a possibility for your hair to grow back. This is something to do with genetics, hormonal imbalance, or an insufficient number of completed procedures. If you’re pregnant or have any other medical condition, you should not consider laser hair removal as a suitable option for yourself.


Electrolysis is a beauty procedure aiming to permanently remove hair with chemical or heat energy. To be specific, the hair follicles are eliminated with tiny electric tweezers. The whole procedure is considered to be time-consuming as every follicle needs to be treated separately. Compared to IPL and laser procedures, electrolysis is considered to be more efficient for being used on grey hairs. While it is more painful compared to traditional lasers, redness and irritation have just a temporary effect.

Even though electrolysis has a permanent effect, the amount of sessions required to achieve this effect varies by personal genetics and individual health conditions. Also, electrolysis is not cheap because it requires a beauty specialist to manage the treatment. The efficiency of electrolysis can be observed after numerous sessions, which can get costly depending on prices and the size of the covered area.

You won’t find out exactly how this beauty treatment works for you in a particular area of your body until you try it. If your mission is to never see hair in your covered area, this may be the best deal for you.

Other Options of Permanent Hair Removal

How to remove hair permanent without spending a fortune? Apart from the innovative beauty procedures, there are alternative options to consider. Here are some of them:

Prescription creams

If you don’t feel like using costly electrolysis or laser hair removal treatments, you should get a piece of advice on prescription creams from your cosmetologist or dermatologist. With all the variety of options on the market, you can find the one that suits your skin type and hair color. For instance, eflornithine (Vaniqa) can be applied twice a day for one month. It works by limiting the production of enzymes that enable hair growth. The results can last up to two months, after which you can repeat the process from the very beginning. A monthly treatment won’t cost you more than $50. Of course, you should be ready for some secondary problems such as burning, rashes, and pimples on the place of follicle damages.

Professional tweezing and waxing

When it comes to smaller areas of your body, tweezing and waxing performed by a professional aesthetician are reasonable options. That way, every hair is taken directly out of the root. Depending on your genetics, the desired effect may last up to two months.

Both treatments are quite affordable, but they need to be conducted every one or two months. Also, pay attention to the existing limitations. Thus, plucking can be done on every area of the body, while waxing is not suitable for the areas around the genitals, nipples, and face. Moreover, waxing is not recommended for the areas near varicose veins and moles. The most common side effects of both procedures include swollen skin and redness of a temporary nature.

Chemical Depilation

To remove hairs permanently, you may also buy a random gel or cream that you put on your skin. By decreasing the keratin level in your hair, chemical compounds will make it fall out. While depilation doesn’t reach the hair follicle, it can hardly provide the effect for more than two weeks. At the same time, it’s one of the most affordable hair reduction methods you can think of.

Be careful while choosing the right type of cream. Some products are suitable for the face, while others are great for the body. Ideally, you can proceed with a test on a small area of your skin before trying chemical depilation on a larger area of your body. The most common consequences of this treatment involve chemical burns, pimples, and blisters.

Is There A Way To Achieve Permanent Hair Removal Naturally?

Today, the market is full of effective hair removal methods, although most of them are quite complicated. Fortunately, there are some alternative permanent hair removal at home remedies. Knowing exactly what you are treating your skin with is a great benefit as you avoid using some harsh chemicals. Also, you don’t have to worry about permanent hair removal cost as you might have all the necessary ingredients in the cupboard. Of course, this can hardly be viewed as a type of permanent hair removal, but it is still an effective temporary solution. Here are some effective, natural hair removal options you should consider to eliminate unwanted hair permanently:

  • Turmeric. This traditional remedy needs to be rubbed dry or fresh on the skin to destroy skin cells and prevent future hair growth.
  • Sugar & lemon pack. Thanks to mild bleaching features, a combination of lemon and sugar can be effective for removing undesired hair naturally.
  • Safflower oil and Thanaka. This mix of natural ingredients helps to easily remove unwanted hair on the face and other parts of the body.
  • Oatmeal scrub. Being an exfoliating compound, oatmeal eliminates dead cells by making your skin look radiant.


Ayurveda, a traditional science of natural healing, offers several methods aiming to achieve permanent hair removal at home. The concept is based on a belief that good health depends on a balance between mind, body, and spirit. The ayurvedic home remedy for body hair removal requires turmeric, flour, tea, and oil-based mixes. These topical methods cannot succeed in achieving permanent hair removal. Yet, depending on the genetics and individual health conditions, there are some people who have used the Ayurvedic approach successfully. Nevertheless, you won’t know if this approach is suitable for you without giving it a try.

The bottom line

Today, it’s totally normal to have body hair and removing it is a matter of your personal desire. If you’re searching for the most efficient permanent hair removal method, you should be careful with your choice. Even if you’re not sure about the permanency of all available options, you can always refer to temporary procedures.

After all, there are no permanent hair removal methods with a 100% guarantee. In the best-case scenario, you will manage to reach a long-term hair removal effect.