Things to Know About Stomach Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal stomachHow It Works

Removing or reducing stomach hair can be a tiresome problem, with multiple methods such as sugaring and shaving that require regular maintenance. Laser hair removal is an innovative solution which can guarantee 85% hair reduction for a long-time perspective. The concept behind laser hair removal stomach is based on the damage of hair follicles by exposing pulses of laser light into the roots. Its efficiency is determined by the ability to penetrate the skin to hit the hair at the very core.

Compared to electrolysis, laser-based treatment is less invasive and less painful. Also, a laser hits multiple hairs at one moment and makes the whole process more time-saving. As you can see, this treatment can be a perfect solution for those people who want to eliminate or reduce hair in the larger areas.

Both men and women can try laser hair removal on their stomach as well as other body parts. The efficiency of this approach depends on health conditions (hormonal changes or pregnancy) and genetic aspects. Thus, you should know that the stomach laser hair removal will not be limited to one or two sessions only.

Laser Stomach Hair Removal at Home

Even if you know about a great effect the laser hair removal stomach can bring, you don’t always have enough time and money for an appointment in the beauty salon. As a result, home laser epilation is turning into a popular beauty treatment. With all the variety of IPL hair removal tools eligible for home use, it is crucial to find the most suitable option for you. Featuring the same principle of work as professional salon procedures, home laser hair devices have become irreplaceable helpers to many men and women fighting excessive hair.

SkinMyDreams laser removal handset turns out to be an excellent combination of quality and price. Being totally safe, it can deliver professional results in any body part after 8-10 treatments. Being equipped with 600,000 flashes, it is supposed to serve you for more than 15 years. Not a bad deal at all! With SkinMyDreams in your hands, you don’t need any special skills to proceed with a painless process of stomach hair removal. Just don’t forget to make a patch test before starting a laser hair removal session. After all, you need to study the natural reaction of your skin to laser light in order to avoid negative consequences.

Benefits and Side Effects

Thanks to laser hair removal, it is no longer a problem for you to get rid of undesired hair at home once and for all. Let’s take a look at the benefits of laser hair removal:

  • Affordable price: you will pay for the IPL hair remover once and use it as much as you want.
  • Flexibility: your personal device will be available for you whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Effectiveness: you will need around 8 sessions to see visible effects. After the very first procedure, you can only admit how the hair falls out intensively. The newly grown hair will be considerably rarer and thinner.
  • Permanent effect: a laser makes it possible to remove excessive hair for a while.

Even though laser hair removal at home is the most beneficial treatment, it still has some negative sides to be aware of:

  • Low power: manufacturers of home laser hair removals intentionally decrease the power of devices for you not to cause any harm to yourself.
  • Contraindications: people having diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy, or tanned skin are not allowed to go through laser-based treatments.
  • Technical demands: if a device has any technical issues, the repair will cost you a lot.
  • Negative health effects: swelling, burn, redness, and irritation are among the most common side effects to be careful of.

Laser Stomach Hair Removal Before and After

The laser-based technology cannot provide you with a 100% guarantee. Instead, it can stop the hair growth for a couple of years:

  • After one session, hair stops growing for a week or more. Then, the hair is about to grow again.
  • After several sessions, its efficiency increases by 1.5-2 times, so the hair stops growing for a month or more. Then, the hair is about to grow again.
  • After the series of sessions, you most likely won’t see the hair on your skin for a year or more.

Laser hair removal before and after

Stomach Laser Hair Removal Preparation

Before every abdomen laser hair removal procedure, you need to prepare your skin. The given recommendations will let you prevent the negative side effects:

  • One month before laser epilation, you should use only a razor to eliminate hairs from the stomach area.
  • Three days before laser epilation, you should shave your stomach in the area where you plan to apply the laser.
  • One day before laser epilation, you should not use any abdominal skincare products due to their ability to minimize the laser effect.
  • Consider the individual features of your skin. They can be determined according to your health state and the type of hair on your stomach area.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Stomach are Needed?

The laser only damages the hair that is in the anagen phase of growth as it contains the maximum amount of melanin. Usually, there is around 30% of active hair on the body. During one laser hair removal tummy procedure, only the active hair can be eliminated. Meanwhile, inactive hairs can be reached later during the next procedures in order to remove it partially. Thus, in 8-10 treatments, the skin becomes very smooth and free of hair.

The intervals between the abdomen laser hair removal sessions are from one to four months. Between the 1st and 2nd session, you have to take a break of up to one month. Between 2nd and 3d sessions, you should wait for approximately 6 weeks.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal for Stomach Cost?

The laser hair removal stomach cost is pretty high, so if you consider having this treatment, it is worthy of knowing the facts. The price usually varies from one salon to another as different methods of charging exist. The covered area, level of hair growth, and speed of the applied technology are only some of the aspects that determine the charge for the laser-based treatment. In most cases, there is a need for 6-12 sessions to achieve the desired effect, which will cost you a little fortune. Moreover, when you do it in the beauty salon, you will most likely have to pay 7-12% extra for the use of post-traumatic cosmetics to moisturize the skin.

The only option to save money and time is to buy a laser device for home use. For instance, the cost of the SkinMyDreams IPL Hair Removal Handset is estimated at $99.99. This price is more than just reasonable, considering the fact that you can use it for years.

Is Stomach Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The skin on the stomach area is quite thick, so laser hair removal doesn’t hurt there as much. In most cases, the snaps of the laser will tickle your stomach, which makes it difficult not to move during the procedure. If you focus on tickles too much, you will struggle to stay still till the very end.

Of course, every person has a different pain threshold that determines his/her feelings during the laser treatment. While one person has pain because of a fracture, another person feels almost nothing. Before paying much money on laser-based treatment, you should find out whether it is painful for you. You can make a few test pulses to make sure that you can handle the pain. If you feel discomfort, you should ask your laser expert to apply an anesthetic cream or spray. In that case, abdomen laser hair removal will be less torturing than, for example, shaving or pulling out your hair with sugar.

Is Stomach Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Every second woman is dreaming about smooth and hair-free skin all over her body. Ideally, this effect can be achieved in a fast, easy, and safe way. Thus, most women keep using sugar and other painful methods because they see immense risks in using laser hair removal devices.

Yet, the creation and wide implementation of the laser-based technologies in the beauty industry started in the 1960s. Since that time, these devices have been doing their job successfully with the minimal side effects. Today, dermatologists all over the world recognize laser-based technology as one of the best existing hair removal methods. Eventually, this technology has gained a more compact form of the IPL Hair Removal Handset that is eligible for home use.

Of course, there are some negative effects to be aware of. But even simple shaving and waxing can cause some problems if done improperly.

The bottom line

Excessive hair growth can turn into a serious problem for both men and women. Whether it comes to purely aesthetic considerations or real physical discomfort, stomach hair is something that needs to be removed. For now, you can hardly find a more effective method than lasers. Whatever type of laser hair removal stomach you count on – professional or home one – they are equally effective. They will let you have the smooth, hair-free skin of your dream.