Laser Hair Removal Legs

Laser Hair Removal LegsRemoving unwanted hair on legs has become part of self-care for millions of women nowadays. Over the last few decades, men started to shave their legs too. However, this procedure is often time-consuming, painful due to scarring, and it does not bring the desired results over time. New hair grows back or becomes thicker and no blade can remove it forever. Wax cannot do that too and it is much more threatening since the pain level is much higher during the session. All these and other reasons were likely to make you read this guide, so that’s why we created it. Our mission is to help you become hairless without much stress by doing laser hair removal on legs.

How It Works

To be able to evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of laser hair removal legs, you need to understand the principle of its work. The light comes out from the laser device in concentrated portions that target the hair follicles. The darkening pigment of hair soaks the light rays in and eventually, hair becomes lighter. The light penetrates the skin so the hair length gets damaged. After a few sessions, hair becomes lighter and stops growing due to the pigment destruction. Finally, you can forget about having fuzzy legs and enjoy your new silky skin.

The procedure starts with a visit to the dermatologist who will evaluate the number of appointments you need to go through to get your hair on legs to disappear. After the first consultation, you will schedule your first meeting and prepare for it. When you are at your doctor’s office again, they will take a look at the state of your skin and hair once again and then divide your skin areas into squares with a special chalk. This is to ease the doctor’s work and make sure that no hair is missing during the procedure. You will also be able to see how fast the process is. When you are done with all leg areas, you will need to follow a few rules for the post-laser treatment recovery.

At Home Laser Hair Removal for Legs

If the perspective of visiting the doctor every time you need to remove your hair sounds overwhelming to you, there is a good alternative to try out. We are referring to the home laser leg hair removal. It is a lot easier than scheduling appointments in a beauty salon and will definitely cost you less. Here is what you need to do.

First, we advise you to visit a dermatologist to make sure you have no issues with your skin that may cause trouble during the leg laser hair removal. Next, you need to pick your perfect home laser epilator to do the procedure.You can use SkinMyDreams IPL laser home gadget for that. It is one of the most reliable devices on the market today due to the following advantages:

  • long life (one device functions for almost 15 years without a need to change any of its parts);
  • ease of use (you do not need to have any special knowledge to apply epilator);
  • reasonable price (you buy it once and use it for years).

After you bought your laser epilator, read its user guide through. You may even want to watch a tutorial or two to make sure you have understood the idea of applying it right. Once you are done, take the preparatory steps for laser epilation as you would if you decided to do it in a beauty salon. Then choose the day without any scheduled appointments and dedicate some time for yourself. We are sure you will love it.

Benefits and Side Effects

Now let’ take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of the full leg laser hair removal. There are a lot of myths that make people believe that getting rid of leg fuzz by doing laser epilation can cause cancer, damage the skin, or make the hair grow more after a few rounds of epilation. All of them are not true, and that’s why we will not include these notions into our list of disadvantages. Instead, we will specify only those that are real and experienced by people most often.

These side effects include:

  • scarring and skin irritation ;
  • the need to cover your legs from direct sun exposure after each session for at least two weeks;
  • minor pain.

However, you are not likely to burn or scar your skin if you are careful about the technique of using the home laser device or visit a professional doctor. Still, even a decent specialist cannot guarantee a decrease of  pain level as this method of epilation is one of the highest.

What are the advantages then?’, you may ask. Here are some of them :

  • a substantial reduction of hair growth;
  • low price if you use home laser gadgets like SkinMyDreams IPL home hair removing device (it costs $99.99 now while one procedure at a beauty salon will cost up to $850 in some cities);
  • hair disappearance after the necessary amount of epilation rounds performed.

Laser Hair Removal Legs Before and After

The results of laser epilation demonstrate that the skin on the epilated areas gets smoother and more uniform in terms of shade. The spots of previous hair growth become less noticeable and skin pores become narrower .

Laser hair removal before and after

Legs Laser Hair Removal Preparation

The preparatory stage of laser fuzz removal on legs is as important as the procedure and post-epilation period. The state of your skin is one of the crucial factors that affect the possibility of epilation taking place and good results after it. Hence, we advise you to follow a few tips below to get the most out of your visits to the beauty salons or DIY procedures.

  • First, take care of your legs. Use gentle body wash, cremes, and lotions for your body to remove the dull skin and dirt. However, if you have never used anything besides body gel, do not start applying anything new at least two weeks before the session.
  • Next, avoid the sun. Specialists advise refraining from laser epilation in the warm sunny season due to the amount of sunlight you may get. Consequently, it is better to start your epilation routine in autumn or winter. If you wish to do that in summer, you will have to wear trousers two weeks prior and after your first round of epilation session . This is to make sure your skin would not get burned either during the treatment or after that.
  • Finally, refrain from doing any other type of epilation in areas you’d like to turn hairless with the laser. Do not tweeze them and do not use electrolysis. If you do, your hair follicles are highly likely to get damaged by these methods of hair removal. Thus, a laser may not work well there.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Legs are Required?

The answer to this question depends on several factors that are unique for every patient. The tone of skin, hair thickness, hair color, and hormonal state of the body is taken into account when a doctor decides on a number of sessions for a particular person. It can be near eight to twelve. Still, the standard of the epilation industry indicates  that one can hope to have six sessions to see the results.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal for Legs Cost?

The cost of getting rid of the fuzz on legs with a laser is one of the highest on the market of epilation services. The rates vary from state to state, from city to town, and depend on the proficiency of specialists who are doing the procedure. For instance, in the salons of New York State, you can expect to pay $450 on average for half legs. The prices go up to $650 for the entire leg area. That is why home laser epilation is the only affordable choice for most people. Hence, paying around $200 for home devices would be beneficial. If you consider the DIY epilation, the SkinMyDreams IPL home handset costing only $99.99 can be a perfect fit for you.

Is Legs Laser Hair Removal Painful?

To put it shortly, it is a little. The discomfort during the seance depends on your pain threshold. The good news is that it does not hurt as much on legs as it does on more gentle parts of the body like the upper lip or bikini zone.

If you are interested in lowering the discomfort while epilating with a laser, we advise you to ask your doctor about numbing topicals that can be applied prior to the start of applying the laser. You can buy one for home use too. Also, you may reduce your pain level by using ice to make your skin less vulnerable to the laser.

Is Legs Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Yes, it is. You should worry about the safety of this type of epilation only in case the specialist of a beauty salon is not a certified professional in the field. Also, if you did not get familiar with the way a home laser gadget is working, do not rush to use it. Read the user guide first to avoid scarring yourself.

The bottom line

Laser fuzz removal on legs may seem a scary thing until you know exactly how it works, what its benefits and drawbacks are, and how to prepare for laser treatment. In our guide, we included the most up-to-date information on the laser hair removal cost, legs preparation, and choosing the best home epilation device. Now you are equipped with the accurate knowledge of laser fuzz removal, so don’t hesitate to try it.