Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian Laser Hair RemovalHow It Works

A girl who cares about her appearance has a beautiful, smooth, and free from unwanted hair skin. It refers not only to the legs and armpits but also to the bikini area. Perfectly smooth skin gives every girl confidence. That’s why most women don’t seek any compromise while struggling with unwanted hair and opt for Brazilian hair removal.

A Brazilian bikini epilation means entirely smooth skin in an intimate zone. It is often chosen by girls who like wearing delicate lingerie. Such a treatment is also relevant before summer holidays when nothing extra should be seen from under the swimwear.

Yet, the pubic zone is more delicate compared to legs and armpits. So women often run into a problem of irritated skin after constant shaving and waxing. Besides, these hair removal methods do not leave the long-term effect of smooth skin.

Most girls are tired of shaving and want to experience smoothness of their bodies with minimal effort. After trying a lot of hair removal methods of the bikini area, ladies prefer the laser one. It is a more long-lasting solution compared to other alternative methods like shaving or waxing. Moreover, laser hair treatment helps to remove all pubic hair.

The session usually takes less than an hour. Laser pubic hair removal devices generate radiation that interacts with melanin in the hair. It stimulates hair roots heating and the follicle destruction so that the hair growth stops.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal at Home

Some girls visit beauty salons to get rid of unwanted hair, while others experience Brazilian laser hair removal treatment at home. Due to the low-cost and high-quality home treatment, most girls opt for IPL devices over clinical sessions.

Skin My Dream handset is commonly used as it is cheaper than spa procedures, but still provides the long-lasting effect of smooth skin. It has become a universe helper for most girls and could be applied for any body area, including the intimate zone.

With the Skin My Dream IPL device, you can say goodbye to expensive clinics and enjoy professional results at home. Experience a pain-free treatment anytime you want and save up to $300 per session, with the universal laser hair removal Brazilian.

Benefits and Side Effects

Before embarking on the laser hair removal bikini area treatment, it is worth learning all benefits and side effects. Apart from that, girls should be aware of the myths surrounding the procedure.


  1. Comfort and relaxation

    Pain and discomfort go back in time with laser hair removal bikini. When using laser hair removal handset at home, girls will experience no irritation and recovery.
    Most IPL devices include a cooling technology that ensures pain-free sessions. All you’ll feel is a slight chill on the treated zone that provides complete relaxation.

  2. Maximum efficiency

    Most laser hair removal devices are equipped with technology that provides a deep light penetration. It destroys thick and ingrown hair, providing a long term effect of silk skin. With laser hair removal, you will no longer experience irritation and ingrown hair as after everyday shaving.

  3. Quick and easy treatment

    One session of Brazilian laser hair removal takes up to 10 minutes. Thanks to the latest IPL technology, Skin My Dream handset produces up to seven flashes in a minute, so you will not have to spend a lot of time on a treatment.
    A full Brazilian laser hair removal course comprises 4-6 sessions and provides the long-term result of perfectly smooth skin.

Side effects

Pain, swelling, and erythema of the treated area belong to the most common side effects of Brazilian laser hair removal. They occur a few minutes after treatment and last for a few hours with no medical care required.


#1 Laser hair removal can cause cancer

Laser technology is one of the most explored ones so far. The Skin My Dream devices pass the mandatory certification and have no health hazards. Cancer could be caused by the UV rays of a particular spectrum, but laser hair removal equipment does not have any of them.

#2 Laser hair removal can interfere with the work of internal organs

Laser impact occurs in the upper layer of the skin – dermis – and affects hair follicles rather than the surrounding cells. There is no possible influence on internal organs and the endocrine system of the body.

#3 Laser hair removal brings skin burns and scars

The Skin My Dream devices work is monitored by the specialists that keep your skin safe. The handset adapts for any skin type and prevents both skin burns and scars.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Before and After

After the first Brazilian laser hair removal session, most girls face intensive hair loss. The hair becomes lighter and thinner than it was before the treatment. Besides, it takes longer to grow back. As soon as you complete the 6th procedure, you can enjoy smooth pubic skin for years.

Laser hair removal before and after

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Preparation

To minimize side effects and reach an effective result, it is worth getting ready for the session. Here is an ultimate guide you need to follow before starting the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment:

  1. Do not get a suntan two weeks before and after the session. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 50.
  2. Do not take antibiotics two weeks before the treatment.
  3. Exfoliate the bikini zone 2-3 days before the session.
  4. Exclude all hair removal methods except for shaving during the course.
  5. Shave the bikini area completely a day before the session.
  6. Do not apply alcohol-containing products to the treated area three days after the session.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments for the Bikini Area are Required?

No matter how effective the laser is, body physiology does not allow us to remove all pubic hair in a single session. The handset removes hair that is in the active growth phase and stimulates the transition from inactive to active one. Therefore, every new session eliminates a new part of the hair.

To remove pubic hair permanently, one will need to take a course of treatments. The Skin My Dream kits provide the shortest and most effective course of 6-7 treatments with four to six weeks of a break.

A session requires a short period. Laser hair removal of the intimate area usually lasts no longer than seven minutes. Once the full course is completed, you will enjoy the long-lasting effect of smooth, clean skin.

How Much Is Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Cost?

Some clinics offer their customers a discount when the full course is purchased at once. Yet, laser hair removal is still an expensive treatment compared to shaving and waxing. Brazilian laser hair removal cost starts at $350 per session and goes up to $600 depending on the clinic and the region you live in. The price for a package of 6 treatments ranges from $2100 to $3600.

Besides, laser hair removal is not covered by medical insurance as it is not considered to be essential for the health of a person. Hence, most girls opt for choosing home treatment over spa sessions.

Skin My Dream handset provides a professional result that one can hardly differentiate from a clinical one. It works on any body part, including the Brazilian area, and has over 15 years of use life, so you do not have to pay for every next treatment.

The total price of the Skin My Dream kit is $99. With laser hair removal at home, you save over $2000 but still enjoy smooth skin for years.

Is Bikini Laser Hair Removal Painful?

We are all different, and we may experience mixed feelings during laser hair removal sessions. They say Bikini treatment is painful as the area is more delicate than legs and armpits. Yet, it all depends on one’s skin sensitivity.

In most cases, Bikini laser hair removal does not hurt. Although some girls experience mild discomfort, a numbing cream can quickly relieve painful feelings.

Thus, most women prefer laser hair removal over waxing and shaving. The light discomfort is still worth getting long-term results of smooth, clean pubic skin.

Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Some women consider laser hair removal to be an innovation, while others do not use any other alternative methods to get rid of unwanted hair. Brazilian laser hair removal is an entirely safe, fast, and efficient treatment for permanently eliminating hair in the bikini zone.

FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) of the United States approved bikini line laser hair removal treatment in 1997. For over 20 years, the method was carefully studied by dermatologists worldwide and is now accepted by health communities as safe and efficient hair reduction method.

Modern laser hair removal devices are all equipped with a cooling cap that prevents irritation and itching after the session. The Skin My Dream handset has no effect on internal organs and surrounded skin but heat hair roots only, so that you could enjoy perfectly smooth and clean skin for a long time.

The bottom line

The bikini area requires constant care. The pubic skin is more sensitive and delicate compared to other parts of the body, and most girls run into the problem of eliminating unwanted hair permanently. But constant irritation after a shaving routine brings discomfort and a lack of self-confidence.

Full Brazilian laser hair removal session makes it far easier to take care of the intimate zone and keep it clean, fresh and smooth for years. With the wide variety of home kits, such a treatment has become a pleasant part of everyday routine for most women worldwide.