Arms Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal ArmsIt’s normal to have hair on your arms as well as on other body parts. But it’s hard to feel confident if it’s dark and lengthy. Many people suffer from this problem and experiment with different removal methods. Using a good old razor or waxing doesn’t bring satisfactory results because the first variant makes your arms prickly, and the second one is unbearable due to the pain it brings.

Laser hair removal arms is a permanent solution to this problem. Unlike waxing, this method doesn’t irritate the skin, and it doesn’t make you suffer from pain. Read on to discover other advantages of IPL and know which handset can help you save your money.

How It Works

When picking an effective hair removal method, many people prefer to conduct experimental sessions before they stick to one. The most common epilation methods are shaving with a razor, sugaring, and waxing. But they are less effective than laser hair removal. Compared to sugaring and waxing, IPL-based devices allow you to enjoy the painless treatment and long-lasting results.

An IPL handset sends a beam of light that affects the hair structure. Follicles absorb it and disappear under the impact of a laser. The session lasts up to 15 minutes, and you’ll need at least 3 treatments to see satisfactory results. However, hairs will get lighter and start falling out after the first session. Dark hair becomes less visible because the light influences melanin – the pigment responsible for hair color. Besides, it gets thinner.

It’s easy to make laser hair removal on arms at home because you don’t need to be a pro to use a laser device. A handset based on the IPL technology is a money-saving alternative to expensive epilation at a salon. You won’t even tell the difference between the results you get after professional treatment and at-home hair removal.

At Home Laser Hair Removal for Arms

Those striving to get rid of dark thick hair on their arms will appreciate the chance to remove it at home. There’s no need to look at your calendar and search for a free hour in your schedule because you can make epilation in your bathroom. Besides, it’s the best way to refuse to pay for costly professional treatments at a beauty salon. But everything won’t end up in one session because laser hair removal isn’t the immediate process. You’ll need to repeat treatments at least 8 times to achieve satisfactory results. Consider buying an IPL device and adding epilation to your regular self-care routine at home.

SkinMyDreams is a painless yet effective solution to all your hair problems. This IPL device can be applied not only to arms but also to body parts with more sensitive skin, including a bikini zone and face. Epilate like a pro, and you’ll forget about the necessity to visit beauty salons. SkinMyDreams delivers 600.000 flashes, which is the guarantee that the handset’s lifespan won’t end even in 15 years. Enjoy laser arm hair removal in the comfort of your home.

Benefits and Side Effects

Once you’ve figured out that a laser handset is the most practical solution, avoid hurrying up and purchasing the first device you see on Google. Take your time and research all the pros and cons of having an IPL handset. If you don’t have time for this, read our list of benefits and potential side effects:


  • It’s up to you when to start the treatment. Usually, it’s necessary to adjust your schedule to dedicate at least an hour to see the specialist. A laser handset allows you to remove hair at home – you don’t have to drive through the whole city to reach the salon.
  • You can reduce expenses. After you start the treatment at a salon, you’ll have to repeat sessions regularly. At-home epilation also requires you to remove hair permanently, but you only pay once to buy a laser device. And at a salon though, you have to cover the treatment cost every time you need epilation.
  • Painless treatment. Compared to sugaring and waxing, laser hair removal doesn’t make you suffer from the burning sensation.

Side effects:

  • Although an IPL device doesn’t cause severe side effects, it’s necessary to experiment with a handset. The first session will be a testing one – apply a handset to a small skin zone and leave it for one day. If there’s no redness or swelling and you’re ok with the device, you can continue your treatment.
  • It’s not recommended to use an IPL epilator if you have diabetes or expect a baby.

Laser Hair Removal Arms Before and After

Although you need to have at least 3 treatments to achieve visible results, the slight effect becomes observable after the first session. As far as light influences melanin, hair gets less noticeable. It becomes softer and brings a more pleasant sensation than the feeling you had when you touched it before treatment.

Laser hair removal before and after

Arms Laser Hair Removal Preparation

It’s incredibly easy to use a laser epilator at home. But it’s necessary to follow the instructions to remove hair correctly. So another important step is connected with preparation:

1) Laser hair removal for arms should start with cleaning and drying. Of course, it’s a rule for any skin zone: there shouldn’t be any dirt on the surface. So, don’t be lazy and wash your arms before the treatment.

2) An experimental session is a must for beginners. Check whether a laser handset doesn’t irritate your skin by applying it to a small zone. It’s necessary to wait for 24 hours to be confident that IPL epilation doesn’t bring inconveniences.

How Many Sessions for Arms Laser Hair Removal are Required?

On average, people need up to 7 treatments to get satisfactory results. However, it’s necessary to repeat sessions regularly to remove hair fully. The minimum term of waiting before repeating the next treatment is 14 days. After the first epilation, you’ll notice that hair starts disappearing gradually, and it’s getting softer. Besides, it won’t be as dark as it was before the session.

A laser device promotes professional results that could be achieved only after visiting a specialist. You can finish treatment whenever you want to. If you think that hairless arms look unnatural, you can enjoy the result that you’ve already achieved.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal for Arms Cost?

Many laser removal options are offered today. If you prefer treatment at a beauty salon, it will cost you a lot. But if you decide to buy an IPL device, you’ll find numerous brands online. Prices are ranging depending on the handset quality and its functions, so it’s up to you which product to choose. However, it’s easy to make a mistake when purchasing both a cheap or expensive device because prices don’t guarantee effectiveness.

When searching for a reliable brand offering high-quality handsets, consider picking SkinMyDreams. It’s a reputable brand that has become the best friend for more than 4000 customers. You can pay $100 and get almost the immortal device because its lifespan impresses even skeptics. With 600.000 flashes, it will be at your service for around 15 years.

Is Arms Laser Hair Removal Painful?

An IPL handset guarantees painless treatment and quick results. The light generated by the device is harmless and it doesn’t damage the skin. Other epilation methods, including waxing and sugaring, bring more burning sensations. A laser device only destroys follicles, and it doesn’t even promote irritation or the formation of red spots. You’ll feel pleasant warmth that doesn’t bring any inconvenience.

If you experimented with different hair removal methods, you know that sometimes it’s just necessary to close your eyes and wait till the pain is gone. A laser device is based on cutting-edge IPL technology – it doesn’t affect the skin and brings you the best epilation experience.

Is Arms Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser devices are checked by top experts specializing in dermatology. Handsets don’t cause cancer and other severe diseases, even though many people still believe that they promote radiation. IPL devices have low power, so the chances of skin damage or sickness is impossible.

A handset is an efficient solution for those searching painless epilation methods. It doesn’t damage skin and allows you to remove hair at home like a pro. Visiting a salon isn’t an option anymore – now, you can say no to costly services and enjoy the gentle treatment.

The Bottom Line

Since professional laser arm hair removal cost is rather expensive, an IPL handset can become an affordable solution. With this device, all the sessions will be free, and you won’t have to take the money from your family budget to cover treatment bills. Buying a laser handset is the best way to reduce your expenses.

The device is based on a unique technology that lets you enjoy painless epilation at home. Besides, noticeable results appear after several sessions. So, don’t wait any longer – your skin deserves the best treatment.